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Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Mon Jul 27 07:05:06 EDT 1998

Thanks to the sponsor of this reflector for allowing this discussion.  I f
you do NOT want to read a posting about proposed changes to Amateur Radio
licensing, hit DELETE NOW!

Tate writes us in response to my, at times, vitriolic posting:

"I really take offense to the insinuation that if you are something less
than an Extra we are "not proud to be a Ham". "

HEAH, I did NOT say that!  

I do feel that those who have achieved the highest license should feel
pride in having successfully mastered the hardest level of licensing and
feel proud to hold exclusive frequencies because of their having reached
this highest ham plateau.  Like contesting, they have met the challenge
head on and did what it took to get the Extra.  How do you feel about a
newcomer having an easier entry into ham radio than you had? Be HONEST! 
Can I assume that you would be proud of your achievements as you advanced
up through the licensing ranks?

"I must say I have been interested and involved in Amateur Radio since 1955
and I am very proud to finally be a ham." 

Congratulations on your becoming a ham - and I am very pleased on your
feeling good about it...I fell that being a ham is a LOT more than owning a
radio.  Much like the teenager who wants the car and Daddy buys them one
not having the same feel of pride that the kid who earns the money to buy
it himself has - you have earned your license and you SHOULD be proud of

Those who say here is my MasterCard I want to buy a license will not feel
the same way about being a ham!  While the proposals do not completely
eliminate testing altogether....is that next?  Guys are already getting
falsified doctors notes stating they cannot do the code test due to medical
repercussions....isn't it interesting how these seem to run in groups of

I was born in 1955, my parents are both hams....his Dad was a ham, one of
his first presents to my Mom was a book on electrical theory.....my Dad's
brother in law was a ham.  While not as old as yourself I am VERY

Throughout my entire life I have lived surrounded by ham radio.  Being a
ham IS COOL...having friends around the world that I never have ever met IS
COOL....and on those occasions when we meet at Dayton for example, this is
WAY COOL....you see we share a common bond in our love of radio
operating....not because it lowers our cellular bill, but because we love

Shame on you Jim. 

Why?  You are ONLY reading of this posting is through the narrow viewpoint
of my being an elitist you have missed the whole point!  RE-READ WHAT I
point being made by myself and others is that you gain nothing other than
sheer numbers whenever you lower entry requirements for anything -
including ham licensing!  

This is nothing but a method to enhance the NUMBERS of hams...and in no way
makes it a better group of individuals...I guess that means I can be called
an elitist - okay.  But, since these lowered requirements weaken ham radio
by lowering the prerequisite knowledge....why not go all the way if all you
care about is numbers?  Heah - everyone, if you send 19.95 now you can be a
ham, and that's not all...we will include a subscription to Readers Digest.

Having served as past Vice President and President of the Mammouth Cave
Amateur Radio Club I am proud of all Hams that are involved in there
respective organizations. It is through these groups as well as the ARRL
that Amateur Radio will progress and grow and not retreat into the past.

I too have been VERY active in Radio clubs and even founded one which is
currently rather healthy!   I always encourage new hams to try the part of
the hobby which gives me the most thrill by inviting them over during a
contest to make some QSOs. I make myself available to them to answer
questions because I want to put back into the hobby that has given me so

And guess what, I worked at ARRL in my youth, yeah.....the ARRL in
Newington.  At that time I was very proud of the ARRL's actions...they
seemed rather in favor of quality amateur radio.....in recent years they
appear in favor of QUANTITY amateur radio. So you further understand how I
work...I will continue to support the League, because it is THE
organization which represents Amateur Radio in my country.  Because I do
not agree with this stance does not mean I will not support the League.

Lets look forward to a good future for Amateur Radio both in participation
and the economics of the industry.

I certainly hope ham radio will be healthy I have invested many many
dollars and many many MANY man hours in perfecting my skills in that
particular arena of the hobby which gives me pleasure....because I feel
that the quality of my hobby is threatened by the lowering of entrance
requirements, I react.

Some think my reactions are overzealous.  The vast majority, like in
anything in life DO NOTHING, other than gripe later on!  In order to
counter the OVERZEALOUS NO CODE PROMOTERS I have taken to using their
tactics...if you do not think this is going on I suggest you read ANY of
the mainstream amateur radio reflectors....the No Code Ineptitude guys are
talking up a storm...since this is the real world, where the squeaky wheel
gets the oil....I am FORCED to be squeaky.

Wait a second.....did you say:

"and the economics of the industry" - oh - okay I get it, you are in favor
of greater numbers of hams since it will mean it is economically


If we have to sacrifice quality in order to increase the "profitability" of
having ham radio then we have a VERY serious problem on our hands....if it
is necessary that we have to have Amateur Radio be economically viable
through an increase of numbers, I ask you WHY?  Do I gather that there are
not enough hams now to ensure that? Is there money needed to be raised by
the government to support ham radio?  Or is it that those who seek to
profit from an expanded number of hams merely encourage lower standards top
increase THEIR bottom line.  If you do not think these types exist, ask
W5YI or Gordon West if they are pro or against increased number of
hams...and WHY.  The League as the body which is representing Amateur Radio
should NOT be economically motivated, it should be motivated by principals
- not principle.

Have a good day

The only kind worth having, eh?

Tate, please do NOT judge my prose through the eyes of the pro-no-code
guys, but view this as a writing from someone who loves ham radio, one who
spends hours upon hours with it EVERY WEEK......I LOVE HAM RADIO, AND WILL


THE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS....there is already too much garbage on the
bands...I am ashamed to even listen to 2 meters, THIS IS NOT HAM RADIO!

Again, I encourage my fellow hams to let your ARRL Director, the guy you
ELECT, know how you feel....it will take you ONLY A MINUTE to go to their
website and answer a questionnaire...DO IT!

Click on:


Make a difference - speak up...do not sit idly by.


Jim, K4OJ

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