[CQ-Contest] August CQ arrives

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Mon Jul 27 14:13:57 EDT 1998

Front cover photo of Barry Goldwater in front of his home and tower.  And
this time there is a related feature article inside! 

Contest related items:  The GI0AIJ Antenna Farm (200+ft rotating
towers!); A Balloon-Lifted Full-Wave Antenna for 160 Meters (long article
with lots of detail); 1998 CQ 160 Meter DX Contest High-Claimed Scores;
The Digital Dipole column - items from Palstar and Array Solutions;
Contest Calendar column - Do You Have A Favorite Contest? (guess what!
.... still no contest survey results!); and Propagation column - Latest
Predictions for Cycle 23.

Other interesting items: Zero Bias (Editorial) - CQ's HQ move, K7UGA -
SK, and changes in amateur radio - with Charlton Heston in charge of the
NRA, how about Clint Eastwood in charge of the ARRL? (and Zorro at the
FCC?); The Senator from Amateur Radio (cover story!; does this mean that
to have a cover story in CQ, the subject must be a SK?!); A Public-Key
Cryptographic Solution To An Age-Old QSL Problem (electronic confirmation
of QSOs); The 100th Anniversary of the First North American Wireless
Transmission; VU2JBS - Amateur Radio Operation From India; World of Ideas
column - QRP '98 News, Views, and Notes, Part II; VHF Plus column -
contests and high-speed meteor scatter CW (HSCW) (Hey!, this is where the
20+WPM CW ops can operate :-)); DX column - W1CW; Washington Readout
column - Restructuring US Amateur Radio, It Might Be Right Around the
Corner; and more.

Ads: New company (?), Frontier Engineering, Platteville, CO, has full
page ad featuring control console, RF amps (4-7kW, export only!), auto
antenna selector, Collins auto antenna tuner, and more. 

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC

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