[CQ-Contest] Sending Running Stn's Call

Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 28 08:46:17 EDT 1998

R3/K3NA wrote:
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A lot of people have their logging programs programmed to send the DX's 
call as part of the exchange, for example:

                 "the pack" responds
 W1XYZ 599-1234  
                 HC1OT TU 599-028   <---  bad technique
 R HC1OT, etc

 Why did W1XYZ send my call? 
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I respectfully disagree. I don't believe this is bad technique, but 
quite the contrary. Without it, how do you know W1XYZ has you logged? 

Perhaps your call is busted in their log. without their sending you your 
call, you don't know [hence later when log is checked you lose the QSO, 
get penalized, and perhaps loose a valuable multiplier too]. 

Perhaps they were responding to another running station you can't hear, 
or is slightly off your freq. Now they're in your log, but you are not 
in their's because they wern't really working you at all. [Again, a lost 
QSO or multiplier you thought you had.]

QSO rate is not the only objective: not even the primary one. Accuracy 
has to come first. Ever been to MacDonald's drive through and had your 
order screwed up? Quick and wrong serves no purpose. Deliver quality 
first, then: given accuracy, run the highest rate possible. (Quality 
versus quantity kinda ties into the U.S. licensing debate too....)

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