[CQ-Contest] Sending Running Stn's Call

James Neiger jneiger at xtised.com
Thu Jul 30 14:22:10 EDT 1998

Trey Garlough wrote:
> > QSO rate is not the only objective: not even the primary one. Accuracy
> > has to come first. Ever been to MacDonald's drive through and had your
> > order screwed up? Quick and wrong serves no purpose.
> Yes, if there is some doubt about my order at the McDonalds drive
> through window, I typically retransmit *my* information, not their
> information.  Retransmitting the call of the DX station is like
> reaching the head of the queue at McDonalds and then asking "Is this
> really McDonalds?"  This might be useful as a last-ditch technique to
> save my order, but it's not a practice I would use often.
> I guess my point is not so different than N6AA's remarks the other day
> about how you need to adjust your operating technique to adapt to the
> situation.  However, it's safe to say that configuring your logging
> program to send the DX's callsign as part of the exchange every time
> you answer a CQ in a DX contest probably overkill.
> --Trey, N5KO


Like the late, great, KH6IJ used to admonish us:

"I know MY call, what I want to know is YOURS!!"


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