T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Fri Jul 31 08:41:09 EDT 1998


Equalizing all out of country contacts should have been done DECADES
ago, IMHO.  It is sheer non-sense to introduce variable contact point
value by continent (distance may be an interesting concept but will
still be highly dependent on location, population densities, and
equity / reality of the point spread vs. difficulty).

Another inequity that was not clarified is the 2 points given to
Canadian and Caribbean / Central American stations for working the
hordes of USA stations vs. the 1 point given to Europeans and Asians
for working each other.  The 2 points given for contacts within North
American ONLY is a failed effort to address the Caribbean /
S.A. inequity.

It should be obvious by now that it is IMPOSSIBLE to develop a simple
handicap system and that making ALL DX contacts equal is the next best

de   Tom   N4KG

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