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Doug Richardson ve5cma at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 31 08:47:20 EDT 1998

Trey wrote:
Yes, if there is some doubt about my order at the McDonalds drive 
through window, I typically retransmit *my* information, not their 
information.  Retransmitting the call of the DX station is like reaching 
the head of the queue at McDonalds and then asking "Is this really 
McDonalds?"  This might be useful as a last-ditch technique to save my 
order, but it's not a practice I would use often.

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I must not have done a good job making this point. 
It is not about communicating at the MacDonald's drive window. It is 
about accuracy versus speed in general. It does customers no good that 
MacDonalds are quick and effiencient getting your order out, IF THE 
ORDER IS SCREWED UP. They are only quicker and more efficient at f***ing 

Like wise, it does contesters no good being "effcient" at exchange (by 
excluding each stations' sign for example) if it results in busted 
calls. We just got quicker and more effcient at screwing up too. 
ACCURACY first, then speed. I won't send ur call when piling up to work 
you (because you know who you are), but will in exchange b/c then u know 
you're in my log, and in it correctly (you know I KNOW who you are). 
Your call confirmation takes 2sec and saves dupes, busted calls and QSOs 
logged that were meant for someone else. Net score is higher for both.

Look at the "Raw QSOs" versus the "Net QSOs" on contest summaries, and 
imagine the positive impact on score if the time wasted on working dupes 
that were busted once, and busted calls that don't make it though the 
log check process were actually spent on valid Qs. This is the 
"opportunity cost" of busted calls.

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