[CQ-Contest] equitable plus!

George T. Daughters gdaught6 at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jul 31 11:29:58 EDT 1998

hi contesters,

so how about we combine the "one size DOESN'T fit all" operating 
style thread, and the bad operator thread, with the inequitable 
scoring thread, and make it up to each operator to assign a point 
value to a qso when it's made!  i'm sure we're all fair minded enough 
to do this.

examples:  running JA's from 6 land: 3 pts on 40 or 80, 6 pts on 20, 
and 10 points on 15 or 10.

working really hard to pick out another w6 who is running 100 
microwatts should be worth 5 points.

working really hard to keep the bad EU ops under control... each qso 
worth at least 6 points.  the worse the op, the higher the score.  (i 
personally would LOVE to have the experience of an unruly pileup of 
EU's calling me!!)

this change would,  of course, take a bit of post-contest log 
editing, because i don't think any of the popular logging programs 
allows the op to enter the qso point value.  but it would be worth 
it... and again, there's no problem with "tidying the log" after the 
contest is over, if you remember that thread!?

whattaya think, Dr. Bafoofnik?

George T. Daughters, K6GT

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