[CQ-Contest] 20M Observations

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Mon Jun 1 16:07:05 EDT 1998

> Anyone else notice how noisy 20 meters was this weekend?  N5TJ tells me 
> that this has been normal for the band the past few weeks.

OH yes. From MS the lighting static was horrible with the beam NE.
Between the QRN and signals being muddled by the solar flare, copy 
was rough. I am not looking forward to seeing how many European
calls and serial numbers I busted.

With beam NW it quieted down quite a bit. Of course the propagation
to JA-land was never real good all weekend.

A check with The Weather Channel after the contest proved my
hypothesis: big thunderstorms galore all over the mid-Atlantic 

Ray Rocker  WQ5L
rocker at datasync.com

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