Fabio Grisafi IT9GSF fgrisafi at tin.it
Thu Jun 4 20:36:04 EDT 1998

Many friends have sent messages to me writing that they already
received a reply from I2UIY confirming the reception of e-mailed logs.

I followed a suggestion and resent the logs via e-mail 3 days ago but
didn't receive a reply.

Maybe I'm wrong about some routines to send attached files via
internet...so can you help me in that way, please:

I send to you my logs...and you send them to i2uiy at contesting.com waiting
for a reply from him, thanks !

73 de Fabio, IT9GSF (IG9/IT9GSF-IG9A);
one of Marconi Contest Club.
one of Lampedusa Island CQWWers.

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