[CQ-Contest] Dayton Photo Gallery!

k8cx at infonline.net k8cx at infonline.net
Mon Jun 8 23:59:35 EDT 1998

The Dayton 98 photo Gallery is now up at the "K8CX Ham
Gallery” http://paradox2010.com/ham/
There are 105 new pics up this year. Most of them were taken
at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Some were taken at Hara. My site
search engine will now include the new dayton98 directory.
This may make it easier to find someone.
Also, I have a new "Buy, Sale, Trade" page (Hamfest
Gallery). You can post your ham equipment in 15 different
categories. This is a free service. Feel free to use it as
often as you like.
I hope you enjoy the new pics!

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