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Tue Jun 9 19:31:44 EDT 1998

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  Hi Guys,

    I bet someone already made questions directly to wrtc organizers,
  possibly getting answers, but I can't know about, so, without
  bothering who's already busy, if you know the answers to any of
  my questions, I'll be glad to get the infos.

    If I understood well, in the "communique 1" the "criteria" were 
  actually used only to determine continental percentags, deriving by 
  proportions and numbers the entrants amount for each continent.

    I couldn't find anywere in that message any selecting criteria
  between partecipants so, if I didn't miss something, most of the 
  complaint messages on this reflector seem to be out of the target, 
  at least until the individuals selecting method will be made public. 
  (but I don't think it's obligatory for the organizers to say it 
  before the selections have place).
    What I think should be instead pointed out and made of public 
  dominion, is a different aspect that looks very determinant where 
  the wrtc2000 is, or looks very much, continental oriented for the 

  Question 1  
    If the entrant number by continent has been determinated by the
  proportion of (that) continent (significative) entrants, how is it 
  possible (if it is possible) to count (mix) individual results made 
  from different continents ?

  Question 2  

    In the case the results by different continents can't be mixed,
  how could ever have good enough results to enter wrtc2000 who is at 
  the disdvantaged edges of a large continent ? (I'm thinking about 
  OH's or LA's compared with F or CT in Europe, or ZS compared to 3V8 
  for Africa, as examples)

  Question 3
    On the other hand if results from different continents can be
  summed as valid ones, under which criteria could enter for a stated 
  continent who made instead much more points than concurrents just 
  because contesting out from that continent ?

  I'm looking forward to have it more clear.

  73, Mauri I4JMY

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