[CQ-Contest] St. Pierre & Miquelon

John Downing jdowning at intelenet.net
Wed Jun 10 17:25:28 EDT 1998

Hi all,

In two weeks I'll be visiting St. Pierre FP5.  Depending on hotel
availability I'll be there from June 25-27 or June 28-30.  Part of the
reason for the trip is to scout out a location for the Cuba Libre
Contest Club effort in the upcomming CQWW SSB contest.  A few months ago
I posted a request for assistance with FP5.  Many replied with helpful
information - but those messages are on another computer I can't reach
on the road!  If anyone out in reflectorland can help with introductions
to local FP5 hams or other suggestions - I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks again.

John W2NA / V31DX

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