[CQ-Contest] Club Team Competition

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Sun Jun 14 17:35:40 EDT 1998

We in the South East Contest Club were very impressed with the inter-club
competition that the YCCC came up with for this year's contest season.  See
http://www.yccc.org for more information. 

We, however, dont have the ranks that the YCCC enjoys.  We do, however,
have several other clubs in the SE including the TCG and the FCG.  AA4GA
came up with an idea for our clubs to enjoy some fun competition, and
hopefully motivate more people to get on the air.  The following is kind of
a fun proposal that I came up with this afternoon expanding on Lee's idea.  

My idea is to have a 10 unit team.  This gives a small club like ours the
ability to compete with a larger club such as the PVRC.  Yes we will still
lose, but it wont be because of sheer numbers of entries.  

This is just off the top of my head.  I'm sure this can be worked on to
make it more fun and fair.  Heck, I'd be willing to sponsor a plaque for it
if there is significant interest in the idea.

Team Challenge competition...  Ten Unit team.

#1:  Multi-Multi - No limitations
#2:  Mutli-Single - No limitations.
#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
#4:  SOAB Assisted - No limitations.
#5:  SOAB Unassisted - Limited to one tower
#6:  Ditto
#7:  Ditto
#8:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
#9:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
#10: SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower

All entries must take place within the same country...  Island operations
will not be part of this competition.  

The bottom of the list is weighted with more restrictions since their
scores will probably not be as big of an impact on the team score.  Yet
they should be an important part of the winning team.  The winning M/M for
the contest shouldn't decide this competition.  The idea should be to make
sure every point on the list is important to winning.  

Of course there would be verbiage about all entrants being members of the
same club and whatever else comes to mind. 

Anyone else have any comments?


Bill, W4AN

Bill Fisher, W4AN (EX KM9P)

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