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Walter Deemer kn4t at gate.net
Mon Jun 15 08:06:10 EDT 1998

At 04:35 PM 6/14/98 -0400, W4AN wrote:


>Team Challenge competition...  Ten Unit team.
>#1:  Multi-Multi - No limitations
>#2:  Mutli-Single - No limitations.
>#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
>#3:  SOAB Unassisted - No limitations.
>#4:  SOAB Assisted - No limitations.
>#5:  SOAB Unassisted - Limited to one tower
>#6:  Ditto
>#7:  Ditto
>#8:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
>#9:  SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower
>#10: SOAB Low Power - Limited to one tower


>The bottom of the list is weighted with more restrictions since their
>scores will probably not be as big of an impact on the team score.  Yet
>they should be an important part of the winning team.  The winning M/M for
>the contest shouldn't decide this competition.  The idea should be to make
>sure every point on the list is important to winning.  

Maybe setting the winner of each category to 100 and "normalizing" the
scores would reduce the impact of the multis and make the "bench" people
feel more important.

E. g.: W3LPL wins M/M with 10.0 megs.  M/M's W4AN and K4OJ get 9.2 and 8.5
megs, respectively.  W4AN earns 92 points and K4OJ 85.

Further e. g.: In L/P, KN4T wins with 2.5 megs, and the second and third
place FCG L/P guys get 1.5 and .5 megs: 100, 60 and 20 points.  Your top
three L/P guys get 2.0, 1.75 and 1.5 megs: 80, 70 and 60 points.  Your 210
points beats our 180 -- and it was your #2 and #3 guys that got you the win.

Just some food for thought -- but a GREAT idea!!

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