[CQ-Contest] ARRL 10M Published Results

Chas rfpwr at linknet.net
Sun Jun 14 09:00:29 EDT 1998

The rumors of my retirement from radio are premature. Just been too busy to
operate or post to the reflector. I still read the reflector periodically,
to keep up with the goings on. 

My last activity was in the 1997 ARRL 10M test as a CW Only HP entrant. Got
the magazine yesterday and my score was left out of the results.  Bummer. At
374,952 (916x3676x102) it would have been #2 USA & Division Leader. 

I see in the Contest Corral Feedback section of QST (July) that there are
several corrections listed for other contests, including KC1XX (KM3T op) who
had his 2nd place HP score omitted in the 97 ARRL 160 results. I guess there
is hope that the error can be corrected. 

I sent the log E-Mail after the contest, requesting and receiving an
acknowledgement that the log was received. I requested the acknowledgement
because the last time I operated an ARRL DX test and E-Mailed the log, the
log was lost. 

I imagine it is tough to track all the log submissions, so I am not being
critical of the ARRL contest staff. Next time, I will E-Mail and Snail Mail
the logs.

Reference a non-contest issue, FD :)  I have only missed a couple of FD's
since 1970. Last year was one of them. The local club (W5DDL)  has lost
interest in FD. 
Art, KZ5D told me a month ago that he was trying to put together an effort
with W5WMU, W5ZR and others. I have heard nothing else from him. So, if
there are any serious efforts around Houston, New Orleans,Biloxi, Baton
Rouge, or Shreveport who could use a CW op, get in touch with me (RFPWR
@LINKNET.NET). I might be able to spring loose. 

Regards, Chas   N8RR 

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