[CQ-Contest] 2 radio audio mixing

AA4NC at aol.com AA4NC at aol.com
Mon Jun 15 19:14:11 EDT 1998

Being in the audio business (kinda), I already had audio mixers lying around
when I first started using 2 radios. I have used an old Radio Shack 4 channel
"disco mixer" for many years with good success (the audio mixing works well, I
just can't operate the 2 radios!). At a recent hamfest I bought the "upgraded"
deluxe model ($25) of the RS mixer, however I was disappointed to find that
they had changed the name to simply "stereo mixing console". The disco mixer
was obviously WAY cooler!

Anyhow, the new mixer adds a useful (IMHO) feature - panning. With it, you can
have either radio's audio appearing anywhere within the stereo spectrum from
left to right. It adds a bit of separation that the old one didn't seem have
and it's a bit quieter. Quiet is a very relative term here, considering we're
talking about a very cheap mixer.

With this, I can get any combination of radios appearing anywhere I want them
with individual control of each level and pan placement. I think that this
setup gives the ultimate audio control. Whether you need this, or want the bit
of added complexity is a personal preference issue.



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