[CQ-Contest] 10M Log Ommision

Mike Coolidge w7mmq at mail.midrivers.com
Tue Jun 16 08:07:22 EDT 1998

My score was also left out of the 10M contest listing.  I had 580 qsos and
about 20 hours involved in the effort from here in Montana.  Would like to
know if all the scores ommitted were sent in by E-mail.  If so probably my
ARRL RTTY roundup effort is also history despite getting a confirmation of
my log being received at HQ.  I know this happens from time to time, but
this time it seems to be extensive with the amount of errors.   If my ARRL
Roundup log turns up lost too I will be sorely disappointed after putting
in a 24 hour 1400 q effort and getting zilch.

>From now on I will submit paper logs until this gets fixed somehow.  I
enjoy operating in ARRL contests and will continue to do so, but something
needs to be done to reduce this occurance in the future.

Mike Coolidge W7MMQ

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