[CQ-Contest] 10M Log Ommision

Charley Schwartz w1te at contesting.com
Tue Jun 16 10:27:48 EDT 1998

There was a page at http://www.arrl.org which listed the entries for the 1998
ARRL RTTY Roundup. My score was omitted as was an entry in the web listing for
one of the 1998 ARRL DX Contests. It was possible to follow up on both before
the scores were published. Billy Lunt at the ARRL assured me that both would
be in the final listings in QST. Some what reassuring but now the 1997 10
Meter listing was missing from QST after receiving acknowledgment from the
ARRL Contest Branch the doubts return.

K5FUV is now working on viable solutions but he will be facing an uphill
challenge regaining trust from the contest community if this performance
continues. It should be very interesting on what happens with the posting of
the 1998 ARRL DX Contests which many station enter to support their local club
efforts on the national level.

If contesting within the ARRL is a high priority I trust K5FUV will make
strides in performance and listen to viable suggestions.

If the priority is not what the contesting community perceives it to be
perhaps some change in contest management should be a solution, something like
K3EST has done with CQWW CW & SSB, K1RY has done with CQWW RTTY and N8BJQ does
with the CQ WPX. The task at hand may just be too much for the two people at
the ARRL Contest Branch.

K5FUV will need time to get things straightened out. If his performance in
this area is anything like he had done in the ARRL DXCC Desk we can look
forward to many rewarding contests during the next solar cycle. He NEEDS
constructive feedback to provide a solid base of "what the contesting
community is looking for". This is more in-depth than just being sure the
score hits QST during the initial contest posting.

Charley Schwartz W1TE

Mike Coolidge wrote:

> My score was also left out of the 10M contest listing.  I had 580 qsos and
> about 20 hours involved in the effort from here in Montana.  Would like to
> know if all the scores ommitted were sent in by E-mail.  If so probably my
> ARRL RTTY roundup effort is also history despite getting a confirmation of
> my log being received at HQ.  I know this happens from time to time, but
> this time it seems to be extensive with the amount of errors.   If my ARRL
> Roundup log turns up lost too I will be sorely disappointed after putting
> in a 24 hour 1400 q effort and getting zilch.
> >From now on I will submit paper logs until this gets fixed somehow.  I
> enjoy operating in ARRL contests and will continue to do so, but something
> needs to be done to reduce this occurance in the future.
> Mike Coolidge W7MMQ
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