[CQ-Contest] Heil Proset intermittent audio

Doug Brandon dab at home.com
Tue Jun 16 10:39:58 EDT 1998

I've been using a Heil Proset boom mic with the HC4 element for about six
months now and love it.  During the past few days, the audio has become
intermittent, cutting in and out with what sounds like a loose or shorted
audio wire.  I took apart the clamshell, the 8-pin plug that goes into my
TS-930S front panel, and the female 1/4" jack on the adapter cable, and
they all checkout fine.  I'm assuming the problem is with the molded 1/4"
male plug that carries the audio (which I'm about to replace).  The way
this adapter is built, the audio cable going to this male 1/4" plug is
always oriented at a sharp angle.  A local suggested using a 90 degree 1/4"
adapter to reduce the stress on this wire.  I'm just curious if the failure
of this junction is a common problem?

   73 de Doug, N6RT

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