[CQ-Contest] 10M contest last couple years - my attempt to deconfuse what I've said

Richard Boyd ke3q at erols.com
Tue Jun 16 11:49:15 EDT 1998

    Several have now pointed out my errors, most in a nice way, one in a
sarcastic way (typical of the email/internet genre I suppose, let's call it
"email rage")...

My message responding to K4OJ's anger about the 10M contest results, as
published, with various logs missing, really made a target " out of me.  Let
me try to clean up what I said, because I did misstake the year(s) I was
talking about.

It was the '96 10M contest that FCG was listed in QST as the winner, but
when our members started yelling at me that their logs weren't in the
results, even though they had emailed them and gotten confirmations, and
that "What are we gonna do about it !?" I started a dialogue with Billy and
Bev and they agreed, faced with the evidence, that PVRC had won.  I told
them I didn't want to embarrass them or make a big deal out of it...if they
would send us the gavel we would award it to one of our members, as is our
custom, and we would be satisfied, knowing we had won.  I think they may
have also said they would eventually make mention of it in QST...I expected
some extremely small and obscure mention and that would be sufficient.

I looked with interest at the writeup we've just gotten (for the '97
contest) to see if there was any correction given for the '96 contest.  Not
a thing...so I was left wondering if anything further should be done by me
or PVRC to correct the record.  I suppose a publication like the "Contest
Almanac" carries it wrong.  They should at least add an asterisk explaining
that it's "contested."  (Hey, appropriate word.)

So, restating what I tried to state in the first message and,
embarrassingly, got wrong, it's the '96 contest that ARRL told us we had
won, though FCG was listed in QST as the winner.  Now we've been listed in
'97 as the winner and there is a controversy from others.

My comment would be this:  Keep in mind that though you think if several
additional logs of yours would make you the winner, the error may well be
equivalent for other clubs, raising every club's score equally.   It appears
that many logs do, in fact, get left out of the results, a very frustrating
thing to someone who it's happened to, and it's happened to me also, costing
me a plaque a couple times.

73 - Rich, KE3Q

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