[CQ-Contest] ARRL contest results

Dan Weisenburger kw14 at airbridge.com
Tue Jun 16 14:10:55 EDT 1998

Greetings Fellow Frustraed Friends,

Methinks one of the biggest problems, in addition to being undersized is
the rush to publish.  The scores don't all arrive until near mid January
for world-wide snail mail or even possibly later.  Let's say they're all
in on Feb 1st.  This leaves only February, a short month, and March to
compile and CHECK and CROSS CHECK the logs.  April is probably
paste-up/trim down time and by early May the issue is off to the
print-shop.  It arrived in my mail-box June 15th.

In fairness to us contesters it would be better if accuracy in our
operating and accuracy in log checking were both held to the highest
possible standard.  If this means that the results don't come out until
November or December, like CQ, fine.
Any effort that a contestor puts forth deserves proper recognotion.

73 from Lake Moneysgone (South),  Dan,  KW4T

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