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Tue Jun 16 14:40:29 EDT 1998

Congrats to Ron, WD4AHZ, for his "top" score in LP CW only!  I'll settle
for #2 especially since it was such a decisive win......maybe next year I
can sit in #1.

Let's not beat up the ARRL and Billy Lunt over this.  Technology is a
marvelous thing when it works correctly.  Sometimes we blindly assume that
it is working.  How many times have you heard somebody on SSB with a 15kc
wide signal.  They'll tell you conclusively that the happy little LED's are
still in the green on voice peaks and that obviously your receiver sucks. 
They rely on that YaeKenComTec technology to be telling them the truth. 
The ARRL relied on their technology to be working too....unfortunately it
let them and us down.

Now it is up to the human assets in Newington to clean up the mess.  Bill
Kennamer has taken the first step and it is our responsibility to allow him
the time to make the changes just as much as it is our responsibility to
make sure he follows through.

I am glad to see Trey "the Cisco Kid" diving in to help.  We can help by
supporting Bill as he fixes these problems.....bashing him will get us

73 Gary K7FR

PS.....now I know what a victory by "cheating" feels like!......pretty

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