[CQ-Contest] Bill K5FUV Interview

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Wed Jun 17 18:23:23 EDT 1998

Just a comment that may be of interest to you if you are concerned about what
the ARRL is doing about the problems that have been aired so energetically the
last several days on this reflector.

Ward N0AX who prepares personal "Profiles" for the National Contest Journal
interviewed Bill K5FUV a few weeks ago-actually about a week before the &%$#
hit the fan.  I have not seen his completed article yet but it is my
understanding that Bill addresses most if not all of the issues raised here on
the reflector.  It seems he began working on the internal ARRL processes
causing you and me (contesters) so much grief coincidental with his assignment
as Manager of the Membership Services group. 

Though his work on our behalf cannot undo what we see as past sins (I too have
been left out of a listing -- the Dec 160 test) it might be revealing to see
what is already in the works when we run Ward's article in the Sep/Oct NCJ.
Stay tuned!

73 Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
Editor - NCJ

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