[CQ-Contest] Re: 10 Meter contest write-up - IT STINKS!

VR98BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Jun 17 13:26:04 EDT 1998

Here at VRwhateverBG, contest results are rarely seen - because
subscription/dues are so high priced & arrive so late that, well...
that's another matter.  Even my one advantage over most - the
courtesy copy sent to our national society, of which I'm an
officer - is rarely seen.

So, I wait for the certificate.  After all, it isn't all that
often that one doesn't win your category for Hongkong.  In the
case of the ARRL 28 Mc, that certificate usually says something like
"#x DX" & "Continental Leader" - not an everyday occurance for
a small potato like me.

Like others, I'm a bit disappointed to see that my claimed six-digit
score didn't appear in the results - potentially #4 DX & #1 Asia,
depending on who else out there might have become another road pizza
on the information superhighway like me.  But at least we'll all
benefit in the end...

I'd like to commend the ARRL for starting the practice of posting 
results on the Web & I hope we'll see further dissemination of
information in this way from all radiosporting event sponsors.

Unfortunately, this will prevent any chance of a repeat of my favorite
ARRL 28 Mc result story - the last of those courtesy copies I've seen.
At a HARTS meeting, one of our equivalent to the shack-on-belt type
saw my call in one of the boxes & pointed it out to me... I was
surprised a no-coder who I must talk with in Chinglish would take an
interest in such a thing - which is really why I'm wasting bandwidth:
contest results aren't read by just us & I hope those who should know
this have read this far.

73, VR98BrettGraham

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