[CQ-Contest] Webzine for DXers and Contesters

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri Jun 19 10:51:32 EDT 1998

I'm toying with the idea of starting a Web-based "magazine" for contesters
and DXers, to be called something like Performance Radio.  I got thinking
about this because I realized that I'm receiving, on the average, something
over 200 messages a day from various reflectors.  Many of these are chaff,
while others are priceless.  I don't want to miss the good stuff, but the
noise in the passband is getting overwhelming.  Just try going off the net
for a few days!    

I don't know if a lot of other people agree with me about that, but it
occurred to me that there might be a niche on the Web for an *edited*
compendium of technical and other articles of particular interest to those
of us who enjoy these challenging, competitive aspects of ham radio.  A
main appeal of the idea, from my standpoint, is the relatively low start-up
cost --  mainly involving a little software,  Web server space and a lot of
time.  Since I may be going to "really" retire soon, all of this seems

>From the reader's point of view, a webzine could offer a number of
advantages, including:

-- free subscription (eventually, if enough readers emerge, we might be
able to attract some advertising).
-- much shorter lead time than printed publications, and the opportunity
for updates or corrections between "issues."
-- hyperlinks to data sources for more extensive information on topics
readers want to pursue in detail.

So, my question to you all -- good idea, bad idea, or yawn?  If a good
idea, what would you like to see in such a mag?

73,  Pete Smith N4ZR
In wild, wonderful, fairly rare WEST Virginia

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