[CQ-Contest] Timewave files bankruptcy

Barry Kutner w2up at itw.com
Sat Jun 20 21:42:13 EDT 1998

The following appears in the ARRL Letter, and I thought it would be 
of interest to the group:

Amateur Radio equipement manufacturer Timewave Technology
(http://www.timewave.com) of St
                Paul, Minnesota, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
                Timewave President Randy Gawtry, K0CBH, says Timewave
                plans to continue normal operations while it prepares
                to file a reorganization and debt payment plan with
                the federal bankruptcy court. "The process now is in
                the early stages," he said. The move comes a little
                more than a year after Timewave acquired rights to the
                AEA digital product line after AEA ran into financial
                trouble. Timewave is best known for its DSP filter
                accessories, such as the DSP-599zx. 

                "We're still operating and we're still doing repairs
                and upgrades for our DSP products," Gawtry said.
                "Nobody should panic." 

                Gawtry said the company still expects to have its new
                DSP-2232zx multimode TNC on the market later this
                year. But he conceded that under Chapter 11
                bankruptcy, "any number of things can happen." The
                company has 60 days to file its reorganization plan,
                which must be approved by the court and by the
                company's creditors. 
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