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henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Sat Jun 20 23:10:30 EDT 1998

OK, finally got back home, checked the PO box this morning, and found the
latest QST along with some fishing magazines and catalogs.  And yes, my
10 Meter Contest score was missing also!

Front cover photo of the antennas at 9H1EL and a related feature article

Contest related items:  Correspondence - The Virtues of Contesting?
(letter from someone who does not like contesters!); Results - 1997 ARRL
10-Meter Contest (see comments below); and 1998 ARRL UHF Contest Rules. 

Other interesting items:  Product Review - Icom IC-PCR1000
Computer-controlled Communication Receiver; Malta - The Amateur Radio
Epicenter of the Mediterranean (cover story); A GPS-Based Frequency
Standard (construction article); A Voice-Balancing Audio Peak Clipper
(more construction); Wyoming Hams Corral City and County Antenna
Restrictions; 1997 Simulated Emergency Test Results; The Clothesline
Antenna; How's DX - Fleshing Out the New DXCC Rules; and more.... 

Ads:  New full page ad from Hy-Gain idicates they are now selling

End magazine summary; step onto soapbox.....

K4TMC (ex WB4HFL) 10 Meter Contest comments: Some contrasts from last
year's report, even though the same number (5) of pages were devoted. 
Only 2 pictures this time versus 5 last year; a little over 1/3 page of
soapbox comments last time versus none this year.  With an increase of
459 logs this year, I guess they just could not afford another page
devoted to contesting, especially after printing the anti-contest letter
in the Correspondence section.  Did ARRL get more than 459 letters
against contesting?  Does this mean that if in the 98 contest there is
even more participation, will they then drop the Top Ten or Region
Leaders boxes?  Look at the "World Above 50 MHz" column, there is a lot
less than 400 stations providing input each month, and that area gets
from 2-4 pages EVERY month...... OK, off the soapbox ....

Henry Pollock - K4TMC
Raleigh, NC
henrypol at juno.com


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