[CQ-Contest] W7RM & Two Radios, one band

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Sun Jun 21 13:12:03 EDT 1998

 Those of you that know Rush Drake, W7RM,  have no doubt heard him
 talk of having two antennas on 15 meters attached to two separate rigs.
 When he lived at Foul Weather Bluff, near Seattle, one antenna was down
 on the beach......a couple hundred feet below the BLUFF, on the
 ocean beach.  The other was high atop a tower behind the bluff, but not
 within eye-sight of the lower one.

 As I recall Rush talking about that antenna combination, it was like having
 a separate rig on a completely separate band.  Magnificant or thereabouts.

 If any of the Seattle guys are on here that operated from Rush's station,,
 can no doubt tell us more about that set-up.

 Dale  K5MM

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