[CQ-Contest] Audio quality on Heil Prosets

Mike & Alicia Fanning fanning at hiwaay.net
Tue Jun 23 20:25:43 EDT 1998

Has anybody noticed a low drive level on the Heil Proset headphones?  I
don't own a pair (yet), but was looking at a pair at the local ham shop,
and when plugged into a Yaesu HF rig, the audio level seemed unusually low.
 The audio seemed to distort badly as I tried to get the level to an
acceptable volume level.  Does the headset have audio filtering that
results in a lower drive level, or does this sound like a bad set of
phones?  Any other comments on Heil headsets or substitutes would be
welcome.  I recall a similar thread along these lines several weeks back
(relative to Radio Shack substitutes), so please email me direct.  Thanks
in advance for any help.
73,  -Mike Fanning, K4GU
email: fanning at hiwaay.net

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