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Hi to all

I'd like to thank K5FUV for the solution given to the 10m contest logs
problem. We'll be looking fwd to the october issue.

This messagge si to ask if anyone has had this problem in a contest:

During AA whis weekend, I started calling on 15m and nobody answered for 20
min. Pretty strange, we're using 6/6 and KW and cndx seemed very good. So, I
said to myself, this is one way condx and went to sleep. Later when I woke
up to catch the 20 meter opening, I started answering JA's, that were
pounding down here (30 over S9). Nothing, they kept CQing in my face. This
went for 8 hours, when I remembered some problem back in WW94 from another
station with a different rig. The TX freq was other than the RX. There was
an offset of .5 Khz. So I started calling on 14.040 and listening  +/- 5 KHZ
(like the old AM days :-) and ther it was my pile-up 2 khz above my freq!!!
Anyone has experienced this? Is very fruestrating. The rig is an IC765.

Anyway, glad this happended in AA and not in WW!


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