Bob Perring perring at texas.net
Wed Jun 24 17:45:21 EDT 1998

Greetings to the American Relay League,

Please be advised that, coincidentally, the Texas DX Society has again
decided to hold their yearly Field Day activities on the same date as
the regularly scheduled ARRL activity for same.

We hope that our concurrent TDXS activity this next weekend will be
recognized as a benefit to all other clubs and organizations that might
wish to contact us for point credit during the 1998 ARRL Field Day event.

We wish to point out that we do not interpret this coming weekend's
activities to be a contest, but rather, an operating event. As such, we
will be submitting our operating reports and data so as to serve merely
as milestone markers for other clubs to use in evaluating their
activity and performance. 

Thank you for scheduling your ARRL Field Day event on this same weekend
as we had scheduled our operating activities. 
"Funny how it always seems to work out this way."

Bob Perring
Life Member; ARRL
Texas DX Society Field Day Chairman

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