[CQ-Contest] 10m writeup on ARRL web site

Jeff Tucker jefft at wciatl.com
Mon Jun 29 11:37:26 EDT 1998

I applaud K5FUV and the ARRL for quickly jumping on this
problem with the 10m contest results and I'm glad they're
going to be republished.

I do have to question, though, putting the flawed writeup
on the ARRL web site, with no mention of the many top
scores that were left out. I know there's lots of scores on
there that were correct, so maybe the whole writeup shouldn't
be pulled. But, I think there should be some mention that
these results are incomplete.

Why not post the results or at least the top ten boxes with
updated scores? I assume that many of the missing logs
have been sent to ARRL. How about going ahead and
putting those on the web as official scores, so we don't
have to wait until September for the improved results?

Thanks es 73
Jeff N9HZQ

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