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Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Mon Jun 29 14:18:35 EDT 1998

 Your points are well put, and generally I agree with you.  It seems archaic to
 disallow use of technology that we have available to us, because someone
 wants to be hollier-than-thou in how a log is prepared.  

 Moreover, I would offer that during a contest - what was worked is what is
 on the tape recorder......not what was accidentally written/typed into a log.
 Now, does that mean an operator should be able to compare his logs against
 a huge database and correct improperly sent/received call signs?  Needs an

 This reminds me of horse racing.  Nowadays, technology provides for measuring
 speeds down to the 1/1000 second....maybe even 1/10,000 of a second.  There
 is photographic capability to LOOK at the end result.  Why in the world would
 someone want to outlaw using that technology, and return to the old "let the
 three-man tribunal GUESS who won"????

 Technology has provided users with tape recorders, computers, data bases,
 and the like.  Why in the world would you want to outlaw using them.  Why
 not also outlaw narrow pass-band filters, or high yagi antennas, or WHATEVER.?

 I recall years ago a few professors in engineering school that gave "honor
 examinations.....open book exams.  Take them home, finish them, and turn them
 in on Thursday....etc.  The smart guys got "A" grades, the others got lesser
 grades.  The 'work' field was level, all had the same opportunity to complete
 the work.  There were no rules against going to the library, or getting some 
 'help' from the upper classmen, etc.  Do what you felt was appropriate to
 your exam, then turn it in.

 Same aplies here.  Keep the field level.....and this is supposed to be an HONOR
 SYSTEM activity.  Keep it simple.  I would suggest that you will never arrive
 at a set of rules that will cover every contingency that can be imagined.
It's an
 "Open Book" exam, use all the technology available to you, then SUBMIT you
 logs for adjudication.

 Dale  K5MM 

At 07:38 AM 6/29/98 -0700, K6KR wrote:
>It seems that someone ought to at least argue the alternative.....
>Before computers, people kept handwritten logs, multiplier checklists, and
>dupe sheets.  Handwriting quality varies, particularly when one is hurried.
>Was it not common practice to rewrite the log after the contest?
>If that's permitted under the rules (and I would argue that it needs to be
>permitted), then the contest isn't over until the log is mailed.
>I personally have never taken the time to go through the entire contest
>again with a tape recording.  But I have compared QSOs with the same station
>to look for (and correct) busted exchanges, and I have used CT's zone report
>to help me find JAs that somehow got logged as zone 05.   I fix typos and
>obvious scoring errors, but I've not resorted to callbook lookups or use of
>any database other than the one in my head. That is permitted under my
>reading of the rules. But the rules don't prohibit listening to a tape or
>using any database available and amending the log after the fact.
>If the contest is over immediately after the contest, then the contest rules
>should say that.  Since they don't, then log "corrections" are permitted
>under the rules.  Note that I mean by "corrections" that the log should
>contain the QSOs actually made, not that the log should contain entries that
>do not reflect actual contacts made.
>John can CHOOSE to submit the log without review.  John can assume any
>additional handicaps he pleases to be in the "spirit of the contest".
>The rules actually don't require that the log be generated during the
>contest period at all.
>I remember well the reaction of the WRTC-96 contestants when a "no log
>alteration" rule was announced.  It quickly was amended to give the
>operators a few minutes (not very many minutes) to apply corrections that
>they'd noted during the contest.  So I know I'm not totally alone in the
>desire to be able to amend (slightly) a log after the contest.
>73 de Dick, K6KR

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