[CQ-Contest] Re: Has the contest ended yet?

Dick Dievendorff dieven at email.msn.com
Tue Jun 30 00:01:43 EDT 1998

Suppose, hypothetically, I use a contest logging program, and it writes a
file that isn't quite what the contest sponsors require.  Suppose it's
scored wrong because a prefix table entry is absent.  Or the summary sheet
fails to contain the correct affidavit.  Or the rules require that each log
entry contain the sent signal report and the software author just didn't do

Who's at fault for sending in an inadequate log?

I would argue that I, the contestant, am responsible for my log, regardless
of the technique I used to prepare it.  If the rules require a certain
summary sheet, and the logging program doesn't generate that summary sheet,
it's up to me to produce a correct summary sheet.  If the log has to be in a
certain format, it's up to me to generate that format if the software I
chose doesn't do that. In other words, "the program didn't do it right" is
not an  excuse for sending in a log that doesn't meet the contest rules.

Now my point: To verify that the log is correct, I have to look at it.
After the contest.  And if it's wrong at 00:00 after the contest is over,
it's up to me to fix it.  That fix will occur after the contest.

I admire all those who are able to make contest QSOs right up until 23:59,
and then before the contest is over are able to print and sign the summary
sheet, copy the file onto diskette, address and stamp the envelope, and run
it out to the mailbox between 23:59:30 and 00:00.

Dick, K6KR

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