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Dick Dievendorff dieven at email.msn.com
Tue Jun 30 08:15:37 EDT 1998

N7TR wrote:

>    Maybe I missed the point here Dick,  But I would have verified BEFORE
the contest that the program did what I wanted it to do and what the
Sponsors wanted for a Log.

VE4XT wrote:

>I don't think I've seen anyone suggest it's possible or preferable to, at
0000Z, whip the disk out of the computer and ship it in unchecked.

K6KR now responsds:

I have to confess that from time to time I have set my computer clock to
local time instead of UTC, or the date was wrong, or maybe I was still
setting up as the contest started (I cannot always take the Friday off
before the contest, and I'm often rushing home from work to start at 4 PM
local time), and I have in fact had to alter every entry in my log (the
time) after the contest. A few times I have even encountered a bug severe
enough that I
started a new log file and then I merged a couple of files post contest.
Once or twice I found that I had prepared the wrong output file, instead of
an "ALL" file, I needed to send a "K6KR.log" file of a different  format.

And yes, during "final prep" I have once or twice re-read the rules and
discovered that I had forgotten to amend the summary sheet to include the
exchange I sent with every QSO.  I usually had to add something like "all
exchanges sent were 599 3" instead of 59(9).  I do generally re-read the
rules before I print that "final" log and lick the envelope or press the
e-mail send button.

Part of the skill involved in contesting is being able to respond to the
unplanned events that always seem to  occur during a contest.  It used to be
just radio and antenna and rotator events, but increasingly the ability to
react to unplanned software and computer hardware glitches has become part
of the contesting skill.

I just think it's practically impossible to end the contest and then do
nothing post-contest to prepare the log for submission.  That preparation
might be the "normal" prep that we all expect to do, but it also might be
correction of glitches that occurred during the contest. I for one would be
very unhappy if the rules were so strict as to prohibit rebuilding of my
computer-assisted log that got screwed up during the contest when someone
who wrote a manual log was permitted to rewrite it.  After the contest.

If a contest organizer wants to prohibit the use of external data sources
like callbooks and contester callsign lists, let them write that prohibition
into the rules.  Then we can each decide what contests we want to enter.  I
for one am satisfied with the rules as they are, I choose not to use
external databases, and I have no problem if others wish to close their log
forever at the end of the contest with no opportunity for correction of any
sort.  I also don't care if someone else uses tapes or post-contest database
scrubbing to clean up their log.  If they made the QSO during the contest,
and it's in their final log, that's good enough for me.  Again, this is MY
interpretation, and others need not be swayed by my views on this matter.

My point with my admittedly absurd suggestion that you have the envelope in
the mailbox before the contest ends is that certainly SOME post-contest
activity is permitted.  All of us expect to print the final log and sign the
summary sheet and mail (electronically or via the post) the log after the
contest.  I call that activity "post contest log preparation".  But the
rules are generally silent about the EXTENT of allowable post-contest
activities.  The rigid suggestion that the contest is over at 0000 is
obviously unacceptable, or you'd have to have the envelope sealed.  Since we
all seem to agree that some post-contest activity is permissable, then we're
discussing the extent of those permissable activities.  Obviously the
contest isn't over at 0000.

I'm just opposed to the logic that says "although the rules don't prohibit
activity X and choose to add additional rules (or more restrictive
interpretations) for myself, then you must also adopt those additional rules
or you are a lesser human being and are cheating".  I choose not to accept
the additional handicap.  You are free to accept any additional handicaps
you desire.

73 de Dick, K6KR

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>    Maybe I missed the point here Dick,  But I would have verified BEFORE
the contest that the program did what I wanted it to do and what the
Sponsors wanted for a Log.
>    I wouldnt jump into a plane without doing a pre-flight either....
>  I think the point is being missed that Bill brought up......Now we are
back on PACKET usage and contests....Hey...What about the Two Meter Voice
Spotting Nets that were used back in the 80's....Opps..That was different!
>  Back to a GREAT 15 Meter opening over the pole...And its 11PM here!!!
>                Rich  N7TR
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>Suppose, hypothetically, I use a contest logging program, and it writes a
>file that isn't quite what the contest sponsors require.  Suppose it's
>scored wrong because a prefix table entry is absent.  Or the summary sheet
>fails to contain the correct affidavit.  Or the rules require that each log
>entry contain the sent signal report and the software author just didn't do
>Who's at fault for sending in an inadequate log?
>I would argue that I, the contestant, am responsible for my log, regardless
>of the technique I used to prepare it.  If the rules require a certain
>summary sheet, and the logging program doesn't generate that summary sheet,
>it's up to me to produce a correct summary sheet.  If the log has to be in
>certain format, it's up to me to generate that format if the software I
>chose doesn't do that. In other words, "the program didn't do it right" is
>not an  excuse for sending in a log that doesn't meet the contest rules.
>Now my point: To verify that the log is correct, I have to look at it.
>After the contest.  And if it's wrong at 00:00 after the contest is over,
>it's up to me to fix it.  That fix will occur after the contest.
>I admire all those who are able to make contest QSOs right up until 23:59,
>and then before the contest is over are able to print and sign the summary
>sheet, copy the file onto diskette, address and stamp the envelope, and run
>it out to the mailbox between 23:59:30 and 00:00.
>Dick, K6KR
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