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Tue Jun 30 12:24:58 EDT 1998

As always, this topic as called by K1AR, causes controversy.  I read through
the comments and I still think that the point made by W4AN stands.  The
other comments just hone the question to the fine points.

K5MM's comment about cleaning up the log is probably the best sticking point
because that is exactly what this is about.   After the contest ends the
contestant should produce the best log possible for submission.  If you want
to not log and tape everything and then log them afterwards thats fine so
long as the log represents the tape.  This is the extreme as most of us
correct calls, edit files so a mult is applied correctly, or even correct
our computer clock.   What Bill worries about  (and those of us who check
contest logs) is cheating after the contest is over.

I don't feel most contests will ever ask us to send in a raw log (I get some
for the CQ 160).   I always ask the contestant to review the entire log for
a host of problems.   This helps both the contestant and the log checkers in
the long run because the log checks easily and more often than not the
contestant keeps a larger percentage of their score.

We do work on the honor system.  This carries over to removing bad Q's from
the logs.    BUT when some level is reached the log is put in a stack as the
honor becomes tarnished.   Thats what Bill is talking about...and you can be
sure its caught.

Contesting is fun and exciting....lets keep it that way.

73 Dave K4JRB

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