[CQ-Contest] CQ-M Contest 1998 is coming

Dmitri Bagno RW3FO bagno at mai.ru
Fri May 1 02:12:20 EDT 1998

Fellow contesters -

The May came, and, as usual,
an annual CQ-M International DX Contest 1998 will be held
from 2100z 9 May till 2100z 10 May.

The CQ-M is a popular spring contest with thousands of participants
from different countries and continents of the world. It gives a good
chance to make many hundreds of Qs, to work new CIS zone or rare
Russian 'oblast'. Traditionally, CQ-M has a large awards program.
Over 300 diplomas were assigned in 1997! The leaders were awarded
with medals and plaques.

The CQ-M has its homepage. The story of contest, complete rules, and
last three years' results placed there. The address is

If someone has no WWW access, please send email with a query to
bagno at mai.ru, and all requested info will be forwarded by email.

In the rules of CQ-M 1998 some changes were made: a new QRP category of
entry established, SSTV category will use all HF bands, and email logs
will be accepted at cqm98 at mai.ru

The Krenkel CRC of Russia invites everybody
to participate in the CQ-M 1998 and hopes
everyone will enjoy the operation.

73s from Moscow
        Dmitri Bagno           |   Krenkel Central Radioclub of Russia
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