[CQ-Contest] Odp: SP-DX Contest: strange problem

ON4CAS / N1TOI egbert.hertsen at pandora.be
Fri May 1 12:53:20 EDT 1998

>From: "PZK" <prezydium at pzk.org.pl>
>To: <egbert.hertsen at pandora.be>
>Subject: Odp: SP-DX Contest: strange problem
>Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 00:07:33 +0200
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>Hello Friend!
>Address p.o.box 320 is all year 1998 aktual! This problem Polish Office. I'm
>very sorry . Please send log via this e-mail, or addres :
>PZK p.o.box 42  PL-64-100 Leszno 7 write "SPDX Contest.
>Vy 73! Zdzislaw SP3GIL
>-----WiadomoϾ orginalna-----
>Od: Egbert Hertsen <egbert.hertsen at pandora.be>
>Do: prezydium at pzk.org.pl <prezydium at pzk.org.pl>
>Data: 30 kwietnia 1998 18:38
>Temat: SP-DX Contest: strange problem
>>Dear OM,
>>I enjoyed participating in the 1998 edition of the SP-DX Contest. I sent
>>my log entry to the address indicated in the '97 results booklet:
>>PZK-SP DX Contest, P.O. Box 320, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland.
>>My log was sent on April 7th and today I received my own envelope back
>>with a stamp of the Polish post office, mentioning "N'EXISTE
>>PLUS",translated in English: "does no longer exists"...
>>Today, April 30th, is the last entries have to be received by the PZK...
>> ????????????????????????????????????????????????????
>>Can you please help me in this matter ?
>>73 from Belgium !
73 de Egbert
and remember... the final courtesy of a QSO is a QSL!
e-mail: egbert.hertsen at pandora.be

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