[CQ-Contest] N4KG: Re: N.A. 2 Pointers

T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Sat May 2 00:03:02 EDT 1998

Who ever said CQ  WW  was fair?

Why should a Caribbean station receive 2 points for every USA contact
while mid-eastern stations receive only 1 point for every JA contact?

Personally, I think all contacts should have the same value.
IF a contest sponsor feels the need for variable points, then
ALL continents should be treated equally.

Last year I conducted a WPX survey and it was obvious few in the USA
liked ZERO point contacts.  Support was divided between equal
points for all contacts and the slightly more popular idea of
	1 point for same country
	2 points for same continent, other country
	3 points for other continents.
Either system would seem to be MUCH more fair than a 
system which enforces unequal scoring depending on location.

There is no place for ZERO point contacts in WPX.  It is tolerable
in CQ WW given that on one wants to include  domestic contacts,
but penalizing stations because someone else fails to log them
is going too far.  I don"t pretend to have a solution for this dilema.

de  Tom  N4KG

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