[CQ-Contest] A Golden Opportunity

N3GPU pelliott at flash.net
Sat May 2 08:28:48 EDT 1998

>From the ARRL Letter...

Contacts between an Amateur Radio pedestrian mobile station in the
Australian capital of Canberra and fixed stations in the US took place
March 28 on 10 meters. Using a converted CB transceiver and a nearly 6-foot
mobile whip, Peter Parker, VK1PK, made two contacts with the US around
midday Australian time. Parker's US QSOs followed a successful contact with
ZL2RR earlier that morning. Parker used approximately 8 feet of wire for a
ground radial and powered the transceiver from a 12 V battery. He was
running around 12 W PEP


In the interest of "leveling the playing field" this looks like a golden
opportunity to add yet another category to the WPX -- something like Single
Op Semi-QRP Pedestrian Mobile Single Element Battery Power Unassisted. 
Walking around for 36 hours (or is it 30?) will add to the challenge --
like the old dance marathons but with no partner to lean on (or maybe
that's an assisted category?).   QSOs should count for 20 points each and
be a double mult.   :-)

Paul Elliott N3GPU
Westminster, Maryland USA
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