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Mon May 4 11:32:55 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-05-03 18:06:45 EDT, K6LA writes:

<< The  point  of this missive is to state that as much  as  I  want 
         tight  log checking and the benefit of learning from  my  errors, 
         there has to be a feedback loop to reduce error checking  errors. 
         The  only  thing  that  comes to my mind as  a  solution  is  for 
         operators  who  are  gunning for the top  10  boxes  to  register 
         recordings  of  contests by a log due date.  Error  reports  (UBN 
         reports)  should  be  generated and made  available  as  soon  as 
         possible.  >>

Ditto from here!!!
I have found the same thing, about 60 % of "errors" were not errors. I am
strongly in favor of having chance of "rebuttal" by the operator, before the
results are cast in stone. It helps both sides. My 97 WPX scores were shaved,
one cost me a record, was too late to find out (standings didn't change).
There is always the next time!
   It also brings up another phenomena: let's say one is operating single band
seriously, and fires up on another band during the dead period, hands out few
QSOs, doesn't log them or doesn't send the check log for other bands (one is
not required to log all QSOs in US). Computer checks the logs and finds some
QSOs "not in the log" of station that submitted the log, but just for one
band. They get taken out (plus penalty?) - assuming "creative" logging? Looks
like we have to make some clarifications and adjustments to rules. 
    From the UBN reports it is not clear what is actually taken out, what
penalized. It would help if that was indicated in the report by 'sterisk or
    Yes Virginia, time to bring the VCR or one of them computer sound
recorders, can't even trust myself anymore. Hi  This calls for second computer
to do the sound recording, DSP processing, grey line map, band scanning, etc.
or can we "window" it with logging programs?
    Oh well, here we go to another level, another challenge! 
73 and see the owerwhelming clouds of  US stations in next year's WPXs!

K3BU, VE3BMV/1 (stuck on 160)

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