[CQ-Contest] Flash: World stomps USA's butt in '97 WPX contest.

Ve3bmv Ve3bmv at aol.com
Mon May 4 11:32:53 EDT 1998

In a message dated 98-05-04 00:33:52 EDT, K2AV writes:

<<  Just how does EU stomp USA in this contest? Better Equipment they roll
 out for this contest? They know how to work WPX better than us? Can't be
 the 36 hour rule. Gap for single op about the same as multi-multi.  >>

Simple, Eu has increased activity, more stations and also more prefixes (lots
of countries with different prefixes), add low bands with double QSO points
and it shows up in the results.
The remedy for US? Lets get more people active in WPX, the new change with 1
point for domestic QSO should make WPX more big country friendly, more
activity, more points and multipliers for US stations. I think we should have
double (2 points) for low band domestic QSOs to stay with the spirit of rules.
I vote for 1-2-3 points for domestic-own continent-other continent scoring.
But I keep thinking, do we really need to differentiate between continents in
today's situation? Like I am not going to work somebody in the contest because
he is "only" 2 points and on another continent? 
I vote for contest rules that try to make it as even as possible for all
contesters, regardless where they are. Ham population density, propagation,
equipment (and lousy operator) will always make difference, but we should
strive for "equalest" possible footing we can have. 
   Looks like WPX CW might be a wipe-out if this weekend's Aurora will "bless"
us 27 days later. Ouch!!  I will be looking for light show in Yellowstone
Park, tuning up for next year's 1 point booster for domestics.
73 Yuri K3BU/m, VE3BMV

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