[CQ-Contest] THE BIG "A" --- CONTEST TIME!!!

utahfolk at konnections.com utahfolk at konnections.com
Mon May 4 19:42:43 EDT 1998

Checking ftp://ftp.sel.noaa.gov/pub/latest/wwv.txt  at 98 May 4 @ 18Z
data for May 3 : Boulder A (BA)=50 and Solar Flux (SF) = 117.  

The BANDS ARE DEAD!    Baloney!   Don't be a weakling!  Don't let
those dirty little D-layer ping pong electrons eat your lunch! 

It's CONTEST TIME:  How good are your ears on 80M in the middle of this
great Magnetic HydroDynamic Shockwave ??? (a/k/a "THE BANDS ARE
DEAD!") All YOU gotta do is fire up on 80M as follows:

     If power is 100 watts or more, then work 3540-3550

     If power is less than 100 watts, then work 3555-3565

and report in the following format:  

Your Call + QTH + ...... log items ....

             LOCAL                              DISTANCE  POWER
May 5 1823Z  1223Z   3555     N7XJ    UT-MANTI   1234      123   66  123

log continued .... ANTENNA

                   wet noodle

 ... where BA= Boulder A-Index and SF= Solar Flux as taken
from WWV as near as you can from the time you made the qso.  

This egram to both cq-contest at contesting.com and the QRP crowd at
qrp-l at lehigh.edu ... I'll report all the logs I get to both reflectors
in summary .... then we can argue who won! ... Oh, one more thing, the
"QSO" has to last at least 5 minutes!

Big A Contest Time Period:  From May 2 @ 12Z until
the Boulder A index drops below 30 and fizzles for a spell into the
twilight!  Come on, don't let them QRP boys kick dirt in yer face!

Send logs to Dave Fischer/NC7W  ===>>> utahfolk at konnections.com

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