[CQ-Contest] Decent Balun

vk3ajj vk3ajj at techno.net.au
Tue May 5 22:07:03 EDT 1998

Dear Reflectees,

I am trying to improve my station in the non contest period and I am about
to put up a log periodic on my second tower. The log comes with a 4:1 balun
but it does not look particularly heavy duty. As I have had all sorts of
trouble blowing baluns in the past can anyone recommend a source in the US
for a heavy duty balun (decent power rating) that can be sourced on the net
or, alternatively a workable design for some sort of coxial balun. I do not
want to feed with open wire.

Not strictly contest stuff but you won't work me for a vk3 mult come WPX Cw
if my balun has been fried.


Paul (vk3ajj)   

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