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Fred Hopengarten k1vr at juno.com
Thu May 7 10:20:15 EDT 1998

Rich, KL7RA, has commented on the usefulness of the post-contest briefing
for multi-op stations.  I work that subject very hard, as a way to
improve the station.

Along the way, I've observed a few interesting phenomena:

	Where you stand depends on where you sit.  The great ops complain
that they didn't get enough time in the chair. The computer jocks
complain that you really need a Pentium 200 MHz, in order to run CT
really well, a DOS program which, even for Version 9, was originally
built for the 386 machine.  The systems engineers complain that you have
too many switches.  The New Yorkers and Europeans complain that you
aren't running enough power. The entrepreneurs who have made money
complain that you haven't spent enough of yours on the station. The
lawyers complain that the wine at Sunday night's post-contest steak
dinner  wasn't good enough. 

	Taking the blame.  If you are going to have guest ops, they are
going to complain.  You must accept the blame for everything.  Conditions
were lousy?  Concede that if they'd gone to W3LPL, conditions would have
been better. Bad weather driving in?  Concede that you should have asked
them to come in a day earlier.  Amplifier sputtered when asked to work
someone on 160 while the bandswitch was still on 20?  Concede that you
really must spend $5K on an auto-switching amp.  Someone broke a rotator
by bashing a side-mounted boom into the tower?  Concede that you should
have labelled it better, and hope to install a RingRotor next year.

	Catching the nuggets.  Thresh the complaints and grab the kernals
of golden advice. Visitors sometimes see things that you don't.  Example:
 I never thought I was weak into the Caribbean on 80.  W2XX spotted that
one.  We erected a dipole at 60 feet N/S and now wait 20 nanoseconds
instead of the previous 40 to work P40V or PJ9J.

	Enjoying the crowd.  Some guys come to multi just to get out of
the house. So what if they don't really do much.  Let 'em eat, watch TV
and chat.  But put them to work building a coax stub that will help on 10
on Sunday.  Some guys come to operate.  If they are really good, let
them. Some past opearators at K1VR: KM3T, AD1C, K1EA, W2XX.  They can
have the seat whenever they want it.  Everyone else is scheduled. But
mostly, don't invite anyone you don't like.  This is a hobby and it is
supposed to be fun.  Hams -- I love 'em.

	BTW, tell everyone to park so that your wife can still get in and

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