[CQ-Contest] Photos of KA9FOX tower and antennas

Scott Neader KA9FOX neader at centuryinter.net
Mon May 11 04:22:57 EDT 1998

After 19 years of being a ham, I'm finally a tower owner!  In my small
corner city lot, I installed a Trylon Titan T-500 72 foot self-supporting
tower with a Force 12 C4XL (7 el 10m-20m + 2 el 40m on single 30 ft boom).

I took a bunch of pictures, starting from digging the hole to the antennas
going up, including some shots from the top of the tower.  These pictures
(about 30-35 of them) can be found at:


To try to thank everyone who helped make this dream become a reality would
be nearly impossible... but a few callsigns of folks who really made this
happen (in no particular order) include W9RPM, K7LXC (Tower Tech), N6BT
(Force 12), KE2VB, WE9V, K1ART (Cushcraft), W9WU and K1VR for advice when
the neighbors got angry, and so many great helpers on the Tower Talk, CQ
Contest, Ham-Law and SMC reflectors.

THANKS!!!  This is truly a dream come true!

See you in the contest!

73 - Scott KA9FOX

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