[CQ-Contest] LOG software for contest-oriented guys

Steve Jones steve at rjtrain.demon.co.uk
Sun May 10 13:48:31 EDT 1998

Ditto to Steve's comments. I am looking at changing from Turbolog 3 also
and DX4WIN is in the shack at present under evaluation. All comments
from users will be gratefully received. please post here so all can
73 es cu in WPX CW

In message <007701bd79ee$c50728c0$433563c3 at default>, GW4BLE
<GW4BLE at btinternet.com> writes
>Let's have more input on this one please guys ....
>DXBase98 or DX4WIN  or what ?????
>I need something that will do the following...
>1) Allow me to import some 80,000 contacts from Turbolog 3
>2) Supports the K1EA DVP
>3) Has a user-friendly screen with "log-book" feel  (Turbolog 3 is good in
>that respect)
>4) Is supported by an on-line update service, with a User Group or
>5) Is produced by someone who LISTENS to what the users want and will accept
>constructive criticism.
>6) Must be Windows based
>7) Has all the usual interfaces for packet, CW, etc...
>8) Costs under $50
>(only kiddin' on #8,  I appreciate GOOD software costs money and I would be
>willing to pay accordingly)
>Anyone up for it?
>Steve GW4BLE.
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