[CQ-Contest] Kachina transceiver

David L. Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Wed May 13 11:18:09 EDT 1998

I went to a local hamfest in nearby South Carolina and Kachina was there
with a display (The only manufacturer there).  The Kachina looks nice and
probably would work well an environment such as at EA8BH.  There all you do
is run on a freq and let the computer run you to Dx spots for mults while
you are running.

However, no matter how well the Kachina works I am wondering about the
ability to work in a regular contesters shack.  Most of us with competitive
stations spend time running but we also S&P and using a keyboard by
repetitive hitting of a key to change freq does not seem very efficient.

I believe that the Kachina and the Patcomm are the first of the radios of
the future (most will be a PC with software to set the functions) but how do
we overcome not having an easy way to tune the freq.  I do understand
Kachina is coming out with a remote freq adjuster (fancy name for a tuning
knob).  I was told a spectrum analyzer might work, but until one comes with
each voice pattern ided by call how do you know that pattern is W3GH or 5A1A?

maybe the discussions at Dayton will shed some light.

73, Dave K4JRB

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