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>> With solely self motivated ends solely in mind I encourage
anyone with any
>> ideas on a different way to delineate club territory to chime
>I propose that clubs in the medium and unlimited categories be
>to define their club territory as including any and all members
>are located within the same state as the club's address of
>This would completely remove all the vagueries associated with
>mile radiuses and so forth.
>--Trey, N5KO (formerly of Texas, now of California)


Allow the club to contour an area of up to 96,162.5 square miles
(the area of a 175mi radius circle).  If it's good enough for our
congressmen, it's should be good enough for us!

Include a maximum (200, 300, 400 miles?) distance limit from the
club's regular meeting site--the contest club concept should be a
regional, if not local, thing, right? .

dale, kg5u
kg5u at hal-pc.org
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