[CQ-Contest] 5B4WN needs ride to Dayton

HENRY HEIDTMANN n4vhk at summitschool.com
Wed May 13 16:11:36 EDT 1998

Hello, all-
I have contacted Marios, 5B4WN and let him know that we'll can make a detour
to Cincinnati to pick him up LATE on Thursday evening. However, if there is
anyone out there who is driving up I-75 through Cincy who could pick him up
, that would help both Marios and I, as our rental car is full and it is 100
miles out of the way. 
Can anyone help?
Here is a reprint of Mario's request. 

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Hi there,

I apologise for the bandwidth.

It seems for the time being that I am stuck at the Cincinnati airport on
Thursday evening ~18:45. I wonder if anybody would be driving towards
dayton at the time and will be willing to take a small detour
 help out. I will have a medium size suitcase!
I am staying at the Univ. pof Dayton but anywhere in Dayton is fine.
I can always contribute for gas etc etc.

Please reply to me by email or call 619 259 2677 (San Diego) (and I can
call back).

Thank you for your attention and I am looking forward to seeing you all at

Best 73s

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